lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2009

AT LAST! The photos of Sara Li and Ana K´s babies are at last being published

In September, the Golosa twins saw their dreams come true when they became mothers. Two months after giving birth, Sara Li and Ana K introduce us to their little ones, Lo and Ve.

As well as being photographed, the Siamese twins spoke to us about their new experience as mothers and also brought us up to date on their work projects. The sisters also decided to fill us in on how their pregnancy went. So we learnt that Sara Li and Ana K worked on the creation of their factory and shop in Murcia literally right up to the last minute. In fact, the babies were born on 12 September, the very opening day. So immediately after the cocktail lunch at La Concervera they flew straight to Madrid where they checked into the Ruller International Clinic.

The sisters have proved themselves to be not only supermums, but real live superwomen. It is hard to believe how quickly they have got their figures back after the birth and, generous as they are, they have shared their secret: a strict diet based on human bones and taking part in a triathlon the day after the birth.

Of course, we were concerned about the professional future of the twins so they briefed us on their upcoming project: the opening of the restaurant Las Golosas Lounge Restaurant. They are already working on surprising new dishes which they themselves confess have been inspired by great international chefs. “We had so many food fads and whims during our pregnancy that we traveled almost every day to discover the best kitchens in the world: El Bulli, The Fat Duck, El Noma etc. and they have been the inspiration for our new creations.”

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They are sooo cute!
Any thoughts on names?

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Keep on going that way, you are the greatest, take care of the new ones....... B

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