jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

After months of hard work, the Siamese Twins, Sara Li and Ana K, have opened their restaurant lounge bar. We have spoken to them and they have explained the idea behind the project. What is more, they have revealed, exclusively to ABCD, the recipe for their delicious little men, made of course with new products from their store.
Las Golosas, owners of the sweet and sour preserve factory and delicatessen, have confessed that their love of food and the human being is all because of their mothers. These sisters have transformed such a basic action as is eating into a real art form, full of contradictions, excesses, superabundance, gluttony and undernourishment.
1. How and when did the idea emerge of opening your own restaurant?
We were rereading Brillant-Savarin’s transcendental gastronomical meditations and one particular sentence kept us awake for nights: “The discovery of a new dish makes humanity happier than the discovery of a new star”. As you know, our aim in life is to make everyone as happy as we possibly can, so we thought a restaurant would be the perfect place to complete our work.
2. How would you define your restaurant?
Our cooking is creative cooking, signature cuisine but with strong roots in the oldest traditions.
3. What is the secret of your success?
Without a doubt, the secret of our success lies in the combination of medicalization and overfeeding that we offer. As well as the love with which we toast all our customers, which is not only done out of generosity and kind-heartedness. You have to bear in mind that today’s diner may well be tomorrow’s exquisite tidbit.
4. Why is each visit to your restaurant a unique and unrepeatable experience?
Well, we were clear from the beginning that research and innovation is everything in any restaurant that aspires to win a Michelin star. So every day we introduce new dishes and recipes and keep the “first time” spirit alive.
5. What are you investigating at the moment?
Our new creations have evolved out of our research into the products that the media offers, such as Grandma Stock, made from a large fistful of childhood memories, a few drops of home tradition, plenty of health and then a dressing of modern touches and a strong flavour of authenticity. There’s also our salad dressed up as love, made with slices of sex, strips of youth and beauty and pan-fried in hyperactivity. Then there’s our sparkling wine made with grapes of fame, which have been grown in social conscience vineyards, fermented in success and with a light aroma of power and money.
6. What role does each of you play in this new Project?
The truth is we are a perfect tandem; we think and act the same, so everything goes with a flow. No rows, no arguments, no disappointments or other annoyances.
7. What does it mean to you to be a cook?
Being a cook is something very simple for us. In fact, all you have to do is go outside, look around and let your imagination go. If we are sitting on some terrace and we see a jolly fat office worker pass by, we just think “look at that exquisite angel lard”. Of if it’s a skinny shopkeeper, “look at that delicious tongue casserole”. You could say we have our brains in our stomachs.

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