lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009


The Golosas Siamese twins are going to be mums at the end of this summer.

The rumours we’ve been reading for weeks in the press have been confirmed as true: Sara Li and Ana K are pregnant. In spite of having denied it when rumours first began to circulate – shortly after their Christmas celebrations, when their bumps were first noticed – it is the twins themselves who have made the announcement. Understandably, they were reluctant to break the news until the early weeks of the pregnancy had passed. But now in their third month of pregnancy, they have decided to make it known.

The pregnancy, the first for both sisters, is “something we have long been yearning for “. Perhaps that is why they are feeling so well. In fact, the twins are radiant with health and have confessed to feeling “sexier than ever”. That’s why they agreed to pose for the magazine showing us their expectant condition.

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Anónimo dijo...

Estas dos siamesas, son tan dulces,transmiten tanto, cuidalas mucho, las vamos a necesitar, hay que enseñarles el mundo.
Great Work.

Jonathan Notario dijo...

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